View our following policy and list of rules:

  • If you are sick with any ailment, stay home
  • NO ALCOHOL (Liquor/Beer/Wine) or Recreational DRUGS (Marijuana)
  • POSSESSION of DRUGS or ALCOHOL by anyone in your party is cause for EVICTION WITHOUT REFUND
  • Only Registered Guests are Allowed; Including Day Visitors
  • If requested, we will escort you to your site
  • Maximum of 8 people on a site (1-4 adults & dependent children)
  • Check-In or Call by 6 PM on arrival day, or your site(s)/cabin(s) may be released
  • SPEED LIMIT: 5 mph; Follow traffic pattern
  • Office Hours: 9 AM – 9 PM; Emergency cell phone # 231-233-6520
  • Set up Campsite by Dark
  • QUIET HOURS: Dark – 8 AM (No Music, Outdoor Movies, Yelling, Loud Talking, Revving Engines, Slamming Doors, Chopping Wood, Using Power Equipment, Riding Bikes, etc.) Keep sounds within your campsite
  • Children: Respectful; Off Playground and On Campsite by Dark
  • Water on Sites is Delicious
  • Fires: In fire ring; Small and attended; In open area away from tree roots; Gather dead wood only
  • PETS: Quiet, on leashes; Not in cabins or bathhouse; Dispose of waste; Do not leave unattended
  • ATVs: DO NOT RIDE QUADS or DIRT BIKES in Campground or on neighboring property
  • Gardens: Enjoy! Do not pick or trample flowers.
  • Fishing Pond (Catch & Release): No license required; No swimming permitted; Supervise children
  • NO SMOKING in Buildings
  • Cleaning & Sanitizing:¬†We follow CDC guidelines for Office, Bathhouse and Cabins
  • Rental Equipment: Sign out at office; Sign in upon return
  • No Cycles on hills, shuffleboard, sidewalks, front yard or Stony Lake Rd
  • Boat, Tube & Swim at your Own Risk; Read “River Use Rules” at office. Sign Waiver
  • Washer & Dryer: Do not overload, or leave clothes in machines; Wipe down after use
  • Clean Campsite upon departure; If you have moved a picnic table, return it to your site
  • Bring all Trash to dumpster; Leave oversized metal objects in fenced area
  • Dump Station – Do Not Park in front of it
  • REPORT ALL CONCERNS¬†to Kroon Family: 231-861-5201 or 231-233-6520

Keep in mind that you are recreating in a private facility open to the public. While we are making increased efforts toward sanitation, each surface is only as clean as the last person who touched it. Therefore, you should take steps to protect your health by following guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control.

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